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Bradon Marshall Gets Traded, Accused of Assault

By Darrick Thomas on
Just days after Brandon Marshall was traded from the Miami Dolphins to the Chicago Bears, a woman has come forward alleging that the all-pro wide receiver punched her in the face at a New York City nightclub.The woman filed a police report on Monday evening asserting that the incident occurred in the early morning hours outside the Marquee, a Manhattan hotspot. The Bears franchise acknowledged they were aware of the alleged altercation when the obtained Marshall from the Dolphins on Tuesday...Read Full Story

Will Brandon Marshall Get Kicked Out of the Jets Game?

By Adam Wenger on
Miami Dolphins wideout Brandon Marshall wants to play with so much passion (or something like that) against the Jets on Sunday, he hopes to get kicked out the game before the game even reaches half time. Question is: will that actually happen? From a fantasy perspective, you probably don't want to play the guy. Hell, before he even started shouting out his strange goals, the Bleacher Report had already listed him as one of their "must bench" players of 2011. But if you don't have him on your...Read Full Story

Borderline Personality Disorder: Brandon Marshall Reveals Personality Disorder, Raises Awareness

By Alicia Dennis on
On Monday, the Miami Dolphins' Brandon Marshall revealed that he has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, a mental illness often characterized by mood instability, the idealization and devaluation of others, and chaotic interpersonal relationships.The announcement of Marshall's diagnosis comes three months after his wife Michi Nogami was arrested for allegedly stabbing him in self defense, an incident he denies.When Marshall joined the Dolphins, he'd already had a few run-ins...Read Full Story

Brandon Marshall Practice Video Shows Broncos Reciever Pouting Like a Big Baby

By Jake on
According to the information we could find, Brandon Marshall is a grown up man, but you wouldn't know it judging from his on-field behavior recently. A video today shows the pouty Denver Broncos wide out behaving like a child at a practice yesterday, refusing to run, catch balls, or even just hand his ball back to the ball boy.It's part of the continuing drama as Marshall continues to demand to be traded from the Broncos, and the Broncos continue to refuse to trade him. There were rumors that...Read Full Story

Brandon Marshall, Wide Reciever for Broncos, Found Not Guilty of Battery

By Jake on
Brandon Marshall, wide reciever for the Denver Broncos, was found not guilty on charges of battery today in an Atlanta courtroom. He had been charged with two counts of simple battery following domestic disputes with his girlfriend Rasheedah Watley.Marshall's lawyers argued that Watley had admitted to lying in the past to keep Marshall out of trouble, making her a less than reliable witness. Marshall will avoid being suspended from the NFL. He was suspended in the previous season, also for...Read Full Story