Wrigleyville Fire Update: 3-Alarm Fire at Chicago Bar (Video)

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Wrigleyville was up in smoke Friday afternoon after a 3-alarm file broke out at a bar in the Chicago neighborhood, reports NBC Chicago. The blaze started in the 3300 block of Clark Street, sending plumes of smoke and flames high into the air in the busy area. The fire allegedly began at the Roadhouse 66 sports bar and grill, but it's not clear what actually caused the blaze. So far, it's unclear if there were any injuries. The Chicago Transit Authority is planning to keep the nearby...Read Full Story

Nevada Middle School Shooting: Latest Updates

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A gunman opened fire at a Nevada middle school this morning, killing one person and critically wounding two more, reports police in Sparks. Apparently the shooter was also killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The two critically injured victims are thought to be male students at Sparks Middle School, according to latest reports. So far, their names and ages have not been revealed. However, one paper listed one of the injured as a 12-year-old boy. The school has been deemed safe by...Read Full Story

Sprite for Hangovers? Science Says Yes!

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Your Sunday morning best friend might not actually be that greasy breakfast sandwich. Instead, you should grab a Sprite to help cure your hangover, according to a new study from China. So how does a carbonated lemon-lime soda help your aching head and tummy? Well, apparently Sprite was shown to curb hangovers because it helps stop acetaldehyde, a chemical byproduct of alcohol that causes hangover symptoms, from staying in your body. In short, the soda shortens the time it takes for...Read Full Story

Pipeline Explosion in Oklahoma (VIDEO)

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A pipeline exploded in Oklahoma Tuesday night, sending a ball of fire about 50 feet in the air. The flames were visible for about 50 miles, according to reports. Luckily, there seems to be minimal injuries and no deaths, so far. One man was apparently taken to the hospital after the explosion in Karnes County. Residents within two miles of the explosion site were evacuated from their homes while firefighters battled the flames. The situation is now under control, according to a report...Read Full Story

Capitol Shooting: Update and Picture

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UPDATE: Shelter in place has been lifted.____________There's reportedly been a shooting at the US┬áCapitol building today, as news broke on Twitter about the incident shortly after 11:30am PT. So far, news has been spotty on the incident, but news is just coming out that a man tried to drive through a barricade at the U.S. Capitol Thursday afternoon. Authorities allegedly opened fire on the vehicle. There's reportedly a female suspect dead and potentially one in custody. Again, these details...Read Full Story
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