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Brian Williams Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles Victory Parade
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Brian Williams Invictus Games Toronto 2017 - Day 7
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Ten Years Later, Teens Still Really Love 'Mean Girls'

By Lani Conway on
(YouTube) A few buzzworthy tidbits from around the web to distract you from your work day.Teens still really love Mean Girls. It's been 10 years since the film that made Lindsay Lohan a household name was released. In honor of the milestone, the Kids/Teens React web series asked a bunch of teens to watch and react to scenes from the film. Mean Girls is still very relatable, apparently.  It's not Pitbull — it's Amy Poehler! Billy on the Street strikes again! In today's edition of news anchors...Read Full Story

Brian Williams 'Raps' to 'Nuthin' But a G Thang' on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'

By Alicia Dennis on
The best part of the cleverly edited video of Brian Williams "rapping" the opening lines of "Ain't Nuthin' But a G Thang" that aired on Wednesday evening's episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon has to be the consistency Williams' expression — the guy is just SO GOOD at looking smart and concerned and the same time.Let's hope this inspires Williams to cut loose on the next NBC News airing.Read Full Story

Allison Williams on Watching Her 'Girls' Sex Scenes with Her Dad

By Darrick Thomas on
(Photo: Getty Images)Call me crazy but watching sex scenes with your parents is awkward and uncomfortable for just about anyone, but watching sex scenes with your parents THAT YOU STAR IN sounds downright mortifying. Allison Williams has a different take on the matter though, as she explained to Anderson Cooper on Thursday's Anderson Live. Apparently Allison enjoys tuning in to every graphic episode of Girls alongside her newsman father, Mr. Brian Williams. (Normally this is where I make a...Read Full Story

Brian Williams Fire Alarm Videos

By Darrick Thomas on
It doesn't have to be a Pulitzer or even an Emmy, but Brian Williams should win something for the professionalism and sense of humor he displayed on last night's Nightly News. The live broadcast was interrupted by a malfunctioning fire alarm that all the producing tricks in the world couldn't hide from finding its way on air.Williams, veteran newsman that he is, tried to carry on with the show and deliver the news in his typical stoic yet amiable fashion, but it gets hard not to laugh at the...Read Full Story
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