Britney Spears regains visitation rights

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People Magazine just reported that Britney Spears has regained visitation rights for her two young kids.  The pop star temporarily lost visitation rights last week.People published a paparazzi photo of Britney with her children in the back seat of her car.Read Full Story

Did Britney Lose Custody because of her driving

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That's what some legal experts are saying. They think that any driving offense that puts the children in harms way is a sure-fire way to persuade a judge or jury that the mother is not fit to take care of the children.New York divorce lawyer Raoul Felder thinks that Britney's driving offenses compelled the judge to issue Monday's orders. "She was driving without a license with a child in the car," he said. "You can put aside the in and out of rehab, the shaving her head. But this? When a...Read Full Story

Britney Spears loses custody of her kids

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It is a bad day for Britney. The judge ruled against her in the custody battle with former hubby Kevin Federline. Britney officially lost custody of her children and Kevin will be taking over.If there is any good news in this sad story, it is that the kids now have some chance of a somewhat mellower life. Not that KFed is a "normal" dad, but it's gotta be better than getting chased by paparazzi everywhere you go with Britney. This also means that Britney can, if she chooses to, focus on her...Read Full Story
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