Brittany Kerr Pictures and Video

Brittany Kerr is a 24-year-old NBA cheerleader and American Idol hopeful. She's also hot and blonde and looks great in a bikini. She auditioned for Randy, J.Lo, and Steven Tyler on the most recent installment of Idol, and after that she grew very popular on the web -- mostly thanks to some sexy pictures.

Brittany Kerr in a bikini (via TMZ) Kerr, who made it through to Hollywood on the show after the guys rallied for her, was searched for by thousands of people after the episode aired, reports TMZ. The search volume proved to be too much for her management's website, which crashed for hours after the massive influx of busy googlers. And, the photographer who took her bikini shots apparently had to buy a bunch more bandwith to secure his site, which received quadruple the amount of traffic it usually gets in a month!

Now, it will remain to be seen how Kerr will do in Hollywood. Lopez wasn't really impressed with her abilities, but she's definitely attractive and that might be enough to get her through if America has anything to say about it. Stay tuned!

P.S. She's not related to hot model Miranda Kerr.

See Brittany Kerr's Idol audition here:

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