Who Should Play Cable in the 'Deadpool' Sequel?

We've got 13 actors who could pull off the role as Cyclops' son.

Who Should Play Cable in the 'Deadpool' Sequel?
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[**Warning: Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't seen Deadpool.**]

Thanks to the end credits scene in Deadpool, we know Cable will appear in the film's sequel, something hardcore fans likely expected. But who will play the man also known as Nathan Summers? Deadpool says they just need a "big guy with a flat top" and suggests Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren, and Keira Knightley, since she has "range." 

We think we can do better. (Although Lundgren would be cool.)

1. Stephen Lang

The star of Tombstone and Avatar has Deadpool's comic creator, Rob Liefeld's blessing:

 ...And Lang has done some social media campaigning himself recently:

2. Jon Hamm

Ah, but wait! Liefeld also endorsed Mad Men star Jon Hamm, and more recently:

3. Joe Manganiello

While we can't argue with Liefeld about his picks, neither Lang or Hamm will be alone if chosen for the casting process. So who else should join them? With apologies to Dwayne Johnson, who has 10 movies planned over the next 3 years already and doesn't quite fit the part, Manganiello would seem a good fit. Dude is 6'5" and could dye his hair silver (the beard is already salt and pepper):


4. Kevin Nash

Manganiello's Magic Mike co-star Nash also fits the Cable prototype. The WWE legend (also known as Diesel) is a monster at 7'0, 330 lbs, but does he have the chops to keep up with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool? 


5. Kevin Durand

Durand is a Marvel fan and already has a Deadpool connection, having appeared as the Blob in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He has the body for a turn as Cable (6' 6") and is known for his tough guy roles (The Strain, 3:10 to Yuma, Robin Hood).


6. Ron Perlman

At 6'1" Perlman has the Cable build and hair to be sure. He might be the perfect choice, even at age 65.


7. Tom Hardy

Hardy may not be huge, but he's packed on muscle before to play Bronson, Bane, and Tommy Conlon in Warrior. We all know he's talented enough, but would he do it? It's not as long a shot as one might think. Hardy was reportedly very disappointed at having to pass up the chance to play Rick Flagg in Suicide Squad. Maybe he's just waiting for another comic book role.


7. Kiefer Sutherland

At 5'9" Sutherland doesn't fit the Cable build height-wise, but he's got the look and that's what CGI is for right? 


8. Russell Crowe

Crowe will appear as another tough guy this year in The Nice Guys opposite Ryan Gosling, and we all know his Gladitorial history. Crowe can play tough and we can see him with silver hair and a giant cannon for a gun.


9. Bruce Willis

Continuing the "tough guy who hasn't done a comic book movie yet" line of hypotheticals, Willis certainly could look the part as Cable. He might also be the best comic foil for Reynolds. Cable was never too happy with Deadpool's hijinks in the comics and we can see Willis snarling disappointment at the Merc with a Mouth.


10.  Chuck Norris

While we're dreaming, why not Norris, the Chun Kuk Do master and action movie veteran?


11. Clancy Brown

Admit it, you were scared of him in Shawshank or Shoot to Kill, right? Brown can play fearsome with the best of them. He's also 6' 4" and just happens to have the hair down.


12. Alec Baldwin

If Marvel and Disney want to give Cable a sarcastic edge to match Deadpool's, there's only one choice. Baldwin in the role would certainly attract attention. Although Alec's brother Stephen might be a better fit.


13. Brian Thompson

The veteran actor was popular in the '80s and has worked steadily since. A huge role like Cable would be a longshot, but fans would be onboard. Anyone who loves The Terminator, Cobra, Lionheart, or just about any TV show will appreciate the steely-eyed actor.

Who Should Play Cable in 'Deadpool 2'?
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