Prop Calculator for Bullet Boats

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This is a handy prop calculator for Bullet boats and other bass boats: You can plug in any 4 of the following 5 data points and the prop calculator will give you the appropriate 5th: Engine RPM Gear Ratio Propeller Pitch Propeller Slip Speed MPHRead Full Story

Speed of Bullet Boats

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I found a great article about the expected speed for various Bullet Boats, assuming 2 passengers and a full tank of gas. Here is the summary result, but visit the original article for more details about the calculation: Linked from --- 21'ers - 225 PM/ S-master 76 MPH (T-master 78 MPH) '' -225 X 80 MPH '' -225 EFI 78 MPH '' -250 XB 81 MPH '' -280 Sport 87 MPH '' -300 PM 89 MPH '' -300 X 92 MPH 20'ers -200 X 80 MPH '' -225 PM 82 MPH '' -225 X 84...Read Full Story

Bullet 20XD Bullet Boat

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Anyone have experience with the Bullet 20XD?  Can you compare it with the Bullet 21XD?Read Full Story
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