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Byron Pitts National Constitution Center's 2016 Liberty Medal Ceremony Honors Rep. John Lewis
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John Lewis, Jeffrey Rosen 
Byron Pitts The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Hosts 25th Anniversary 'A Magical Evening' Gala - Inside
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Byron Pitts Africa-America Institute 60th Anniversary Awards Gala
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Byron Pitts, CBS Evening News Correspondent, Talks About Overcoming Illiteracy and Stutter in New Book

By Olivia on
By all accounts, Byron Pitts has had an incredibly successful career. He's the Chief National Correspondent for the CBS Evening News (no small feat) and also contributes to 60 Minutes (ditto). But what you may not know about him is how much he struggled to get there. When Pitts was 12, he was diagnosed as functionally illiterate. Until he was 20, he had a chronic stutter that prevented him communicating easily. Not exactly the history you'd expect of a renowned journalist, huh? How Pitts rose...Read Full Story