Grey is generally used as a cool tone, but in the right context it can look like a warmer shade. Check out these pictures for inspiration.

A very pale grey like this has hints of almost yellow tones. That's why the shade looks great with the warm brown wood and lime green chair.

Again, this light shade of grey paint works well in this room because it's warmer than the blues and other dark shades in the accessories. Also, it picks up some of the warm hues of the green curtains.

This shade of grey is not a warm one, but I chose this picture to point out how even a cool shade of grey can look great with other warm colors. See how the gright orange pops against the walls?

These grey walls pick up the warmth of the yellow, orange and green accessories. Also, since they aren't as deep and dark as the table accessory or artwork, they appear to be even warmer than they are.

This grey paint is so pale and muted that it's almost blue -- not a cool, deep blue, but a light and airy one. That's why, against these chocolate and deep blue colors, the walls look rather warm.

Images via Flikr
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