Canada Gets Plastic $100 Bills

By Adam Wenger on
While many Americans might think of Canadian currency as "colorful Monopoly money with hockey players on the back," the truth is our neighbors to the north have an incredibly strong dollar that deserves to be taken seriously. And as of today, they also have some of the most technologically advanced bills you can find in the world. While the new $100 bill retains the same imagery, the Vancouver Sun reports it will no longer be made of paper. Instead, the new currency's made of polymers...Read Full Story

Canada Day: What's It All Aboot?

By Adam Wenger on
This July 1, Selena Gomez's newest film, Monte Carlo, hits theaters. But if that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, it's OK, because that date just happens to also be Canada Day -- or Canada's independence day.Wondering what Canada Day is all about? Well, it's very similar to what America's July 4th -- also known as their Independence Day. Canadians put aside their hockey (sort of) and maple syrup (ocassionally) in favor of fireworks watching, a trip or three in front of the BBQ, and a lot...Read Full Story

Don't Drink the Water in Alberta

By Tatiana Guertin on
Jessica Ernst, a resident of Rosebud, Alberta, Canada can light her water on fire. Although it may seem like a cool trick, it's not so cool when the water you're lighting on fire is the water that comes out of your home's pipes.Ernst lives next to EnCana, a Canadian oil and gas company, and she's been having problems with her water since 2005. When her dogs refused to drink the water, she knew there was something wrong.After taking a closer look, she realized her water was fizzing, like a...Read Full Story