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Casey Carlson Bikini Pictures

By Olivia on
So I loved Casey Carlson after her audition on American Idol.  I decided she’s my new favorite crush after viewing these bikini pictures immediately afterwards.  While Bikini Girl got her 15 minutes of fame, the hottest American Idol contestent moved on based on her talent and charisma! Oh, and her killer body definitely helps! Casey Carlson Bikini Picture Bikini Girl Who? Casey Carlson is the hottest girl on American Idol WOW Casey Carlson And now YOU know why she BETTER win!Read Full Story

Casey Carlson's American Idol Audition

By Tatiana Guertin on
Casey Carlson audition for the eight season of American Idol in Kansas City. The 20-year-old Minneapolis, Minn. native sang "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlson and seriously impressed the judges. Check out her audition video here:Will Casey make the top 36? Take the poll here .Read Full Story