Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten Video

Get ready to go "awwwww" and "awwwww" again! A viral video of a cat mom hugging her baby kitten is making its way around the internet today, and it might just be the cutest video ever. The cats are curled up together on a a bed, with mama cat's paws wrapped tight around the cute orange kitten.

Cat mom hugs baby kitten (Via YouTube)
The kitties continue their cuddling for the entire length of the video, and the cuteness never ends! We're hard-pressed to find a more adorable video on the internet, though the ticklish penguin IS a close second. And, the floppy pandas are also cute. Let's face it: Animals are just plain adorable.

Take a look at the video of the cat mom and baby here and see if you can resist the urge to coo and talk in a really squeaky voice!

See the cat mom hugs its baby kitten here:

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