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They know each other?

While everyone and their mother knows about Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s multi-decade bromance or Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox’s unbreakable bond, there are plenty of underrated friendships you might not know about. Not all celebrity duos like to step into the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t intrigued by them! Some of these high-profile duos will make you scratch your head in confusion, while others will totally tickle your fancy.

Seriously, it’s these types of unusual friendships that make the celebrity eco-system so utterly glorious. Yes, we’re talking about those A-list besties who kick back 24/7 but rarely document their friend-love on Insta or Snap. For your viewing pleasure, we put on our best detective hats and went to work. After much investigation, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list that you’ll never forget. Keep reading to find out who made it on our list of celebrity friendships that your never knew about. You won’t regret it!