Chandler Riggs' Dad Slams AMC and 'The Walking Dead' Showrunner After THAT Shocking Twist

'The Walking Dead' star's dad is not happy about how things played out.

Chandler Riggs' Dad Slams AMC and 'The Walking Dead' Showrunner After THAT Shocking Twist

[SPOILER ALERT: Only read if you’ve watched The Walking Dead midseason finale, “How It’s Gotta Be.’]

Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead left fans in a state of bewilderment. Seriously, did anyone see this twist coming?

In the midseason finale, Chandler Riggs’ fan-favorite character, Carl Grimes, was revealed to have been bitten by a walker. The tragic twist means that death is imminent for Carl. The upcoming February premiere will now serve as the presumptive final episode for Riggs, who is one of the few remaining original stars of the hit AMC show.

Whether you love him or simply love to hate him, you have to admit that Caaaaarl has been an integral part of The Walking Dead. That’s why the major reveal from last night’s episode has left many outraged.

In fact, William Riggs — the father of The Walking Dead star — wrote a long Facebook post to shed some light and spill some serious tea on the whole situation. The now-deleted Facebook post was meant to clue in viewers about how things went down behind the scenes, and it seems like the situation wasn’t pretty.

“Watching Gimple fire my son 2 weeks before his 18th birthday after telling him they wanted him for the next 3 years was disappointing,” wrote William Riggs. “I never trusted Gimple or AMC but Chandler did. I know how much it hurt him. But we do absolutely know how lucky we have been to be a part of it all and appreciate all the love from fans all these years!”

While his father was busy dropping truth bombs on Facebook, Chandler Riggs confirmed Carl’s impending death to The Hollywood Reporter and talked about his unexpected exit from the show.

“I'm taking a gap year right now to focus on acting for a while. Leaving Walking Dead wasn't my decision,” stated Riggs in the interview with THR. "It was all story related. It made sense story-wise for it to happen for Rick and Michonne and all the other characters . . . I found out when I was doing rehearsals for episode six back in June. It was quite the shocker for me, Andy and everyone because I don't think anyone saw it coming. It's definitely not a bad thing because it has been awesome being on the show but now I get to go and do a lot of other stuff that I haven't gotten to do before. Scott wanted to meet in person because it was such a big deal.”

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Carl’s death turns out be as meaningful as the show wants it to be.

Were you shocked by last night’s episode, or are you totally ready to say goodbye to Carl? Hit the comments to dish and discuss all your unfiltered commentary.

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