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Charlene Marshall Anthony Marshall And Francis Morrissey Trial Continues
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Charlene Marshall was married to a minister before becoming romantically involved with Anthony Marshall, son of philanthropist Brooke Astor. Charlene Marshall is a descendent of President John Tyler, but does not come from a wealthy family. After marrying Anthony Marshall, Charlene Marshall was reportedly not very popular with Brooke Astor or other members of the family's inner circle, many using the nickname "Miss Piggy" behind her back. During the trial of Anthony Marshall, in which he...Read Full Story

Charlene Marshall Declares Love for Husband Following Guilty Verdict

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Anthony and Charlene Marshall (Getty Images)With her husband, Anthony Marshall, facing the possibility of spending the rest of his life behind bars, Charlene Marshall wanted reporters to know today that she still loves her husband. Anthony Marshall was found guilty Thursday of charges that he took advantage of his mother, Brooke Astor's, Alzheimer-induced state of confusion to take control of her $200 million estate. Throughout his trial, Anthony and Charlene depicted as greedily awaiting...Read Full Story