'Hamilton' Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Writing All the Songs for That Live-Action 'Little Mermaid' Movie

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Chloë Grace Moretz Says She Almost Got Three Major Plastic Surgeries at Only 16

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Should Michelle Tanner Be Recast for 'Fuller House' Season 2?

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Kim Kardashian & Bella Thorne vs. Chloe Moretz & Bette Midler Is a Thing That's Happening

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The Internet Is Upset Chloe Moretz Won't Dye Her Hair Red for 'The Little Mermaid'

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Chloë Grace Moretz Is Going to Be a Gorgeous 'Little Mermaid'

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#TBT Recap: The Best Celebrity Throwback Photos of the Week — November 7, 2014

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VMA Hairstyles: The Center Part

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Recasting the Brat Pack with Today's Young Stars

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Hey, hey, hey, hey, don't you forget about our favorite icons of the '80s...the members of the "Brat Pack" were undoubtedly the stars of their generation. Young talents like Molly Ringwald, Rob Lowe, and Demi Moore took the '80s by storm, starring in blockbusters that we still love today. These iconic actors changed the face of their generation, but that was 30 years ago. These days, there's a whole new crop of young stars who could fit the same molds — The Heartthrob, The Jock, The Beauty...Read Full Story

8 Things We Learned About 'Carrie' from Our Interview with Director Kimberly Peirce

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Kimberly Peirce (Getty Images)The new Carrie movie hits theaters Friday, and it boasts a knockout performance from Julianne Moore, a new take on the prom revenge sequence that benefits from modern special effects, and the kind of director you don't normally associate with horror remakes. Kimberly Peirce, whose status as an openly lesbian filmmaker lent an extra layer of meaning to her breakthough movie, Boys Don't Cry, took on Carrie only after receiving the blessing of the original director...Read Full Story