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Virginia Tech Panel, investigating Cho Seung-hui

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A panel studying the shootings at Virginia Tech held its first public meeting yesterday (Thursday) with Gov. Timothy M. Kaine.  The panel will seek out details about the gunman, how the events unfolded, and how the state and other agencies responded. It is an eight-member commission, appointed by Gov Kaine, and led by retired State Police Superintendent W. Gerald Massengill.Read Full Story

Seung Hui Cho - No Mental Treatments

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Seung Hui Cho never received the treatment ordered by a judge who declared him dangerously mentally ill less than two years before his rampage at Virginia Tech, law enforcement officials said, exposing flaws in Virginia's labyrinthine mental health system, including confusion about the law, spotty enforcement and inadequate funding.Here is the full storyRead Full Story

Va. Tech gunman Cho Seung-hui fired 170 shots

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Police released additional details about the Virginia Tech shootings this week.  The gunman, 23 year old Seung-hui Cho, shot almost 200 bullets during the day.  The attack in Norris Hall went on for nine minutes as Seung-Hui Cho fired off 170 rounds.Read Full Story

Cho Seung-hui's mental health

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There is a looming question about who held responsibility for monitoring Seung hui Cho's mental health after he was released from a psychiatric hospital in December 2005.  The video taped recording that he sent to NBC News shows clear signs of depression and mental disorders.Legal authorities explain that they are under no obligation to inform Virginia Tech when a student is released from psychiatric care. However, VT officials said that they assumed the courts were responsible for monitoring...Read Full Story

Cho sent package to NBC News

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The Virginia Tech gunman , Cho Seung hui, sent a package of notes, images, and video to NBC News on the morning of the Virginia Tech school shooting .  He mailed the package at 9am, between the early a.m. shooting and the later morning shootings at Norris Hall.The package includes video and photos of Cho posing with his gun and a  hammer.For more NBC News images, check out the CNN slideshow.The video shows Cho, solo, talking to the camera.  For video footage, click here .All of the material...Read Full Story

Cho Seung hui commitment order

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Cho was taken to a mental health institution in 2005 when his parents believed he was suicidial.PDF version: Full text of his commitment orderA commitment order for Cho Seung Hui was issued in December 2005. In summary is said that Cho was "mentally ill" and in need of hospitalization", and that he "presents an imminent danger to self or others as a result of mental illness."Unfortunately these findings didn't help Cho nor prevent him from killing 32 other people on Monday April 16th.Read Full Story

Roanoke gun shop

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The Roanoke Times reported: Cho Seung-Hui bought one of the two handguns used in yesterday’s Virginia Tech shooting at a Roanoke gun shop. John Markell, owner of Roanoke Firearms on Cove Road, answered questions about Cho;s purchase. Markell said he was not in the shop when Cho bought the gun but said nothing stood out about the purchase. Cho paid $571 for the gun and a box of 50 9mm bullets, Markell said. "... It's bad enough watching the news to find out what he did," Markell said...Read Full Story

South Korea's Foreign Ministry expressed condolences

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South Korea's Foreign Ministry expressed its condolences, and said South Korea hoped that the tragedy would not "stir up racial prejudice or confrontation." "We are in shock beyond description," said Cho Byung-se, a ministry official handling North American affairs. "We convey deep condolences to victims, families and the American people."Cho Seung Hui moved to the united States when he was a young boy.  He had permanent residence status in the US.Read Full Story

Cho Seung-hui had receipt for gun, left disturbing note

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Linked from Fox News Fox has a good write-up of the facts gathered so far.  Cho Seung-hui was carrying a backpack with him, which included a receipt for one of his guns and a disturbing note he wrote, presumably back in his dorm room between the first and second killing sprees...--- Survivors of the Norris Hall rampage had described the gunman as a tall Asian male who seemed eerily calm as he methodically killed students and instructors in the engineering building. Derek O'Dell, who was...Read Full Story

Cho Seung-hui named as the Virginia Tech gunman

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Cho Seung-hui, a 23-year-old in his final year of college, has been named by Virginia police as the shooter in the Virginia Tech attacks. Police say he was in the U.S. as a resident alien.Read Full Story