New Chris Brown Song: 'Not My Fault'

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Getty Images. Don't Miss: Chris Brown Pleads Guilty, Avoids Jail Time Chris Brown Taking Death Threats Seriously Chris Brown Uses YouTube to Say He's Not a Monster Someone out there has an interesting sense of humor. A new Chris Brown track - purportedly off his upcoming album, Graffiti - has hit the Internet, and its timing couldn't have been more ironic. Just yesterday Brown avoided jail time by securing a plea bargain in his felony assault case; the song is titled "Not My Fault."The...Read Full Story

Chris Brown Uses YouTube to Say He's Not a Monster

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Quick: you're a once-hot, now-reviled teen pop star accused of abusing your ex-girlfriend and about to head to court to face charges on assault. How do you rehabilitate your image?If you're Chris Brown, you release a 37-second-long clip of you bowling with Bow Wow hyping your upcoming album, new single, and, and telling the world: "Everybody that's haters, they just been haters. All my real fans, I love you all. I ain't a monster." You can see the video below:Brown's next court appearance...Read Full Story

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