Chris Robinson's First Wife Lala Sloatman

Chris Robinson And Family Out In The West Village
Chris Robinson and his wife Allison Bridges take their kids Ryder and Cheyenne on an outing in the West Village, New York City, NY. ( pics » Lala Sloatman (Wikipedia) When it comes to the women in his life, most people know Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson for marrying Kate Hudson back in 2006, but the actress was actually Robinson's second wife. In 1996, Robinson married a different actress, Lala Sloatman.

Lala Sloatman began her career as a model before branching into the film industry in the late '80s. She is also the niece of Frank Zappa. During her early film career, Sloatman dated the late Corey Haim, but rumor has it, Uncle Frank put an end to that relationship because of Haim's drug addiction.

While Sloatman never really broke out as an actress, she still works occasionally, most recently appearing in Sofia Coppola's 2010 film Somwhere.
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