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Chris Simms Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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Chris Simms New Orleans Saints v Tennessee Titans
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Chris Simms Tennessee Titans v Seattle Seahawks
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Chris Simms Arrested in NYC, Released Without Bail

By Deena Bustillo on
More on Chris Simms Chris Simms Arrested in NYC Chris Simms Takes on San Diego Chargers Chris Simms Plays Against Washington Redskins Chris Simms, backup quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, was arrested in New York today on charges that he was driving a car while high, according to USA Today. He's the son of former QB Phil Simms, and is going into his 7th season of pro football. Reports say Simms was stopped by police about 2am, and had red eyes, a flushed face, and wasn't speaking...Read Full Story

Gruden too tough on his players?

By Cleve Pasarell on
After Chris Simms endured a brutal hit in the second quarter which ruptured his spleen, Simms sat out a few possessions, but later reentered the game.  Obviously Simms held the final decision of whether or not he would return to the field, but his coach, Jon Gruden, should be held equally accountable.Gruden, always proponent of hardnosed, smashmouth football, expects a certain intensity from his players: you either play hard or you don't play at all.  Simms, who was flirting with being...Read Full Story

QB Chris Simms has spleen removed

By Livingly Staff on
Tough news for Tampa.  Buccaneers' QB Chris Simms had surgery to remove his  spleen after rupturing it in the game against the Carolina Panthers.  Looks like the rupture happened during the 2nd quarter.       Linked from: CBS News     Chris Simms went to the ground on one knee and leaned over clutching his midsection.     The battered Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback later had his spleen removed Sunday night and is out indefinitely after absorbing several punishing hits during a 26-24...Read Full Story