Christian Ronaldo Hate Group Spikes and Diminishes

The folks at reported on the growth of online Christian Ronaldo hate groups.  Looks like there was a big spike in traffic to back in late July and early August, but that traffic has trailed off.

He tends to create a media stir, so I'm sure we'll see more spikes (both in fan sites and hate sites).

The questions always remain...What's up with Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney?  What should ManU do with Ronaldo?  Are Ronaldo's antics worth it?

Here is an excerpt from the Sporati article:

What a surprise? When I opened Alexa I saw on the right hand side of movers and shakers I Hate Ronaldo which ranked second with 3,800% increase.

This guy definitely steers a lot of buzz from his disruptive antics, change of heart moves and his controversial competition with Lukas to his Wayne Rooney Drama.
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