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Clare Werbeloff -- Racist Aussie internet celeb also a liar

By Jake on
Clare Werbeloff, the semi-racist Australian who got a dose of Internet fame after a video of her outside a nightclub shooting went viral (you can see it to the left), is now being outed as a liar. Turns out she didn't even see the shooting that spurred her to call two men "wogs." From a Reuters article: An Australia woman's account of a late night shooting in Sydney has turned her into an Internet sensation with T-shirts, mugs and a dance remix made in her honor but there's just one problem...Read Full Story

Clare Werbeloff Quote

By Livingly Staff on
After a week of press interviews and "instant Internet fame", Clare Werbeloff has no regrets about her interview with the press immediately after the shooting.  Clare was interviewed as a witness and became an overnight sensation.  Here's what she had to say about the experience:"I didn't think it would blow out of proportion like this and I wasn't thinking at the time. I didn't think anything would come out of it," she told the Nine Network's A Current Affair tonight. "Aussies love to muck...Read Full Story