Is Mystery Man Clarke Rockefeller Really Christopher Chichester?

By Alicia Dennis on
Clarke Rockefeller is the supposed-millionaire businessman who kidnapped his daughter, Reigh Storrow Boss, last week.  Daughter Reigh has since been recovered (from an upscale townhouse on a marina in Baltimore), but authorities are now trying to figure out who Clarke Rockefeller really is.  Rockefeller, who bears no relation to the American Oil magnate, does not appear to have any history that predates 1993.  Essentially, he did not exist under that name, and claims not to remember anything...Read Full Story

Sandra Boss YouTube Video

By JJ Duncan on
Sandra Boss resorted to YouTube to help recover her daughter, Reigh , from ex-husband Clark Rockefeller .Rockefeller is an eccentric millionaire who possibly set up false leads to throw off detectives searching for him and the seven-year-old girl.Here is the video.Read Full Story

Who is Clark Rockefeller?

By JJ Duncan on
That's the million-dollar question following the Sunday disappearance of millionaire Clark Rockefeller with his seven-year-old daughter, Reigh Storrow Boss .But is he a millionaire?We already know he's not a real Rockefeller. At least not the kind related to the billionaire oil man John D. Rockefeller. But that doesn't mean he didn't try to cash in on the cache.Rockefeller reportedly exuded an aura of money and power while at social events in the exclusive Beacon Hill area of Boston, where he...Read Full Story