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Danny Ferry -- Butt of Shaquille O'Neals joke

By Tiffanie on
This picture of Cleveland Cavaliers General Manager Danny Ferry and Shaquille O'Neal was the punchline of Shaq's joke at his first press conference with the Caveliers.Shaq said at the conference that he didn't know who Danny Ferry was when he first got a call from him and had to check him out on the computer. "And this is what came up," he said as he held up the picture.NECN Sports reported: After sharing a laugh on stage, O'Neal thanked those members of the organization that brought him to...Read Full Story

LeBron James Sinks Crazy Shot on '60 Minutes'

By Tatiana Guertin on
LeBron James filmed a segment with 60 Minutes recently and with one single shot proved why all the hype surrounding him is real. In a preview video released by CBS, James is shown at the top of the key, answering questions and fidgeting with a ball. Steve Kroft asks him, "Are you going to do anything with this?" referring to the ball. Then James sinks a shot in the opposite basket.You might have to watch it multiple times, it's just that awesome. LeBron James Photos:Read Full Story