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Burning bridges

Was the gold rush in Montana? Petrino sure has prospector in his blood. All I can say, as a long time U of L football fan (Bob Weber was my hero in high school), thanks Bobby for the memories and teaching us that we finallyneed to lock our back doors in Louisville.

I enjoyed my trip to Miami and as we sat around at the dinner table the next night in South Beach,my fellow U of L alums and I discussed the very topic of whom we may lose after this season (Petrino, Brohm or Bush). The one person that we all agreed had learned a valuable lesson about commitment and the greener grass was Bobby.

We were looking forward to a possible trip to the Sugar Bowl next year (of course, we would be buying our tickets at stubhub this time). Wow, we look prettynaive now.

You would think that Saban, Pitino and the rest of the coaches that returned quickly to the college ranks would influence him some. When will a coach learn (sorry Howard and that guy named John L) that Louisville presents one of the fewpresent dayopportunities to leave a legacy and become iconic and larger than life?

There is a lot of talk about bridges in this town, I don't know if he can build them but he sure knows how to burn them. Good Luck Bobby and Atlanta... better start locking that back door.


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