How to Grind Coffee Beans

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Want to grind your coffee beans but you don't have a coffee grinder? Like to grind them the ol' fashioned way, or are you just too cheap to buy a coffee grinder? Read on to find out how to smash those java beans!

Steps to Grind Coffee Beans

  1. Consider buying coffee beans that are already ground. If you dont have much time and guests are coming over or whatever, you can buy coffee beans that are already ground. it will save time and effort.
  2. Use the coffee grinder at your local grocery store. A lot of stores have coffee grinding machines for everyone's convenience.
  3. Use a blender. A blender is a fabulous multi-tasker at grinding coffee beans.
  4. Smash them with a Hammer! Put your favorite beans in a high-quality plastic freezer bag, then put it between towels and smash away. The beans will be varied in size, but it works!
  5. Mortar and Pestle - You can use a mortar and pestle for grinding coffee beans. But make sure you don't over/undergrind the beans.

Coffee Grinding Tips

  • Buy already ground coffee, it may be easier just to skip the grinding all together!
  • Invest in a good grinder, most cost under $20 and will last a long time if properly cared for.
  • Use the grinder at the supermarket. It's free to use if you grind their coffee in it.
  • Store ground up coffee in an air-tight container, making sure to keep the coffee fresh.
  • DO NOT store coffee in a refridgerator. The low humidity in a refridgerater will cause the beans to dry out and go stale very quickly. Also avoid the freezer as it does the same thing only faster. Refrigeration acts as a slow de-hydrator removing mositure from food and foodstuffs.

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