Someone Leaked a Spoiler-Filled Brochure for 'Jurassic World'!

Jurassic World brochure

Jurassic World is turning into one very leaky project. After last week's raptor head, and the previous revelation of the movie's basic plot, now we have an entire brochure made for visitors to the eponymous dino-park. Here are the pictures, which were first posted to Twitter via @jurassicp2k15. As before, this comes with the caveat that it's not official and could possibly all be fake. The velociraptors are conspicuously absent from the park's list of dinosaurs, and given last week's leak, we're just not sure what that means.

Jurassic World brochure
Jurassic World brochureJurassic World brochureJurassic World brochureJurassic World brochure
Jurassic World brochure


Water Dinosaurs!
The Mosasaurus was a 59-foot-long underwater carnivore that looked kind of like a giant crocodile with flippers instead of legs. Its inclusion means we'll probably see someone ripped to shreds underwater — or more accurately since this is undoubtedly going to be PG-13, we'll see them go underwater before the water turns red.

Jimmy Fallon Does the Gyrosphere Tutorial
The Gyrosphere will basically be a hamster ball for people who want to tour around the park without having to worry about being trampled, smooshed, or weirded out by any dinosaurs nearby. According to the brochure Jimmy Fallon will handle the video tutorial, which we're really hoping leaks online.

They're Working on Bringing Back EVERY Dinosaur
According to "The Creation Lab" section, the Jurassic World scientists are working on bringing back every discovered dinosaur. Director Colin Trevorrow has already confirmed this movie's main threat will be some sort of genetic hybrid dinosaur, so maybe those scientists got bored somewhere around Cryolophosaurus and decided to mix up something more interesting?
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