Colleen Shipman Attacker Lisa Nowak Makes Plea Deal in Kidnapping Case

Former NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak has a agreed to a plea deal to keep her out of prison, after facing kidnapping charges for a run-in with her ex-boyfriend's new lady. The 46-year-old was charged with attempted kidnapping stemming from an incident back in February 2007, when she attacked Colleen Shipman, a woman dating Nowak's ex Cmdr. William A. Oefelein.

Colleen Shipman (via
According to, it went something like this: Nowak drove from Texas to Florida claiming she just wanted to "talk" to her ex's new flame, but then she was accusing of dousing Shipman with pepper spray in order to kidnap her. She pled guilty to burglary and misdemeanor battery charges and was sentenced to a year of probation and 50 hours of community service.

Nowak apologized to Shipman in court, but Shipman isn't having it. "She was going to kill me," Shipman told the court. "I could see it in her eyes." Shipman also complained that the whole scandal (and the media surrounding it) was damaging to her well-being. Now, Nowak just has to stay away from Shipman. She told the judge that would be "no problem."