Michigan Beats Ohio State for the First Time in 8 Years: Pictures, Update

By Deena Bustillo on
It's official: The Michigan Wolverines have beaten the Ohio State Buckeyes for the first time in eight years! The score was 40-31 at the end, and the crowd went wild at Michigan Stadium today. Naturally.The Buckeyes led by 1 point at half time, then the Wolverines really got it together in the second half. The game might not have any real effect on the Big 10 standings, but it certainly will be a game to remember for Michigan fans. Twitter exploded with news of the win just seconds after the...Read Full Story

BCS Rankings Week 13 - LSU vs. Alabama Rematch for Championship?

By Darrick Thomas on
(Photo by Getty Images)The BCS rankings looked like they were going to be smooth sailing on into the championship game. It was a no-brainer matchup between the two remaining top-ranked, undefeated teams: LSU and Oklahoma State. That was until Iowa State decided to throw a massive wrench in the season by defeating OSU in double overtime last Friday.Now, after #1 ranked LSU, who sits at 11-0, the BCS rankings are a mess of 10-1 teams. Currently, Alabama is slotted at #2, so if both teams win...Read Full Story

Tim Tebow Leads Gators to BCS Title

By Tatiana Guertin on
AP's Final BCS Rankings 1. Florida 13-12. Utah 13-03. USC 12-14. Texas 12-15. Oklahoma 12-26. Alabama 12-27. TCU 11-28. Penn State 11-19. Ohio State 10-310. Oregon 10-311. Boise State 12-112. Texas Tech 11-213. Georgia 10-314. Mississippi 9-415. Virginia Tech 10-416. Oklahoma State 9-417. Cincinnati 11-318. Oregon State 9-419. Missouri 10-420. Iowa 9-421. Florida State 9-422. Georgia Tech 9-423. West Virginia 9-424. Michigan State 9-4 25. Brigham Young 10-3 With raw talent and an...Read Full Story

People to Watch in Sports in 2009

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Michael Phelps and the Beijing Olympic Games made 2008 an exceptional year for athletics, but with the new year around the corner, do we have anything to look forward to in the world of sports? Hell yes! Here's a rundown of the people to watch in sports in 2009.1. Tom BradyWill Tom Brady even be back in 2009? That's the question a lot of people want answered. Although the Patriots say Brady's recovery is on track, a few rumors circulated early in the season surrounding the two torn ligaments...Read Full Story

The Hoff Rocks Vegas

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It's official, the man who brought us the 2006 hit Get In My Car will perform at this Saturday's Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl. Organizers of the 17th annual bowl announced Monday that David Hasselhoff, would honor the crowd at the sold out Sam Boyd stadium with his rendition of the National Anthem. If you didn't already know, Hasselhoff, also known as The Hoff, gained fame from the shows Knight Rider, Baywatch and most recently America's Got Talent. But after acting, his next love is singing and...Read Full Story