Zimbio Interview: COMA

(via COMA's Facebook)

Though they credit early Radiohead, Weezer, and various indie rock bands as their first musical inspirations, COMA doesn't exactly sound like something you'd hear playing at your hipster friend's birthday party. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't take a listen.

Based out of Cologne, Germany, the group -- made up of high school friends Georg Conrad and Marius Bubat -- describes their sound as a mixture of pop, house music, and techno. Having toured throughout Germany and other parts of Europe over the last few years, COMA's appearance at SXSW 2012 marked their first ever live performance in America.

We got the chance to chat with the two about Lady Gaga, Germany's strange obsession with David Hasselhoff, and their thoughts on visiting the States. Check it out:

Learn more about the band at their Facebook page. And then enjoy some of COMA's music here:
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