The Best Twitter Reactions to Yahoo Saving 'Community' from Cancellation

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18 Ways to Mourn the Loss of NBC's Thursday Comedy Block

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(NBC)Once upon a time, Thursday meant comedy night on NBC. A world-weary couch potato could cast his or her troubles aside for a couple of hours of goofy, hilarious hijinks with characters who felt a lot like friends. While beloved favorites like Seinfeld, Friends, The Office and 30 Rock have bowed out over the years, new comedy shows continually cropped up (with varying degrees of success) to continue the fine tradition of laughs on Thursday night.  Now, however, with the recent cancellation...Read Full Story

Watch a Supercut of (Almost) All the Movie Homages in 'Community'

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(From NBC)With every episode of Community packed with pop culture references, you're doing very well if you know even half of what Abed is referencing at any given moment. Well one intrepid fan has put together a supercut of Community movie homages that's part reference material, and part homage in itself. Editor Anne Thomas admits she missed a few, like RoboCop ("I'm just as bummed about it as you are!"), but she's clearly working for the good of all Community fans here.To watch the video...Read Full Story

TV Casting Scoop: 'Scandal' Finds Its First Kids, a New Gig for 'Happy Endings' Dude

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(Getty)Check out all the latest small screen casting news from around the web!• Scandal has found its First Kids. Fitz and Mellie's eldest offspring, Jerry and Karen, will be played by Dylan Minnette and Madeline Carroll. Minette has appeared on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Awake, Lost, and Grey’s Anatomy; Carroll has also had guest star stints in Grey's and Lost, along with fellow Shonda Rhimes series Private Practice. [TVLine]• Fringe alum Lance Reddick will guest star on NBC's The Blacklist as...Read Full Story

The Internet Reacted Perfectly to Hillary Clinton's 'NYT Magazine' Cover

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(Twitter)A few buzzworthy tidbits from around the web to distract you from your work day.Reactions to the latest New York Times Magazine cover are priceless. On Thursday, a preview of the new Times cover illustrating the gravitational pull of Hillary Clinton's face was released and it's as bizarre as they come. Thanks to the Internet, we now have some great re-imaginings of the cover: Good job, Internet. Try not to LOL when you watch One Direction's "worst performance." There have been some...Read Full Story