Denny Hastert resigns (finally)

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In an interview with the Chicago Tribune , Mr. Denny Hastert told Rick Pearson that he sometimes felt like a “prisoner”.  That, and of course, he was involved in a few embarassing scandals here and there... When you are speaker, you’re almost a prisoner in that office,” Hastert told the Tribune. “You really didn’t go out of your office because they had 26 people asking you for something without an appointment, just trying to grab you. You were vulnerable [to a request] every time you walked...Read Full Story

Dennis Hastert testified to the Ethics Committee about Mark Foley

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Dennis Hastert testified to the ethics committee this week about what he did or didn't know about Mark Foley's explicit emails and behavior.  Hastert has said that he first learned about Mark Foley's inappropriate IMs and emails last month when the story became public and Foley resigned.  But Reynolds says that he learned of Foley's inappropriate e-mails last spring and discussed the matter with Hastert.  Of course, Hastert says he doesn't recall that conversation. Majority Leader...Read Full Story

Will Dennis Hastert actually fire any of his staff over a Mark Foley coverup?

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Speaker Denny Hastert said of the Mark Foley scandal, "if anybody's found to have hidden information or covered up information, they really should be gone."  Is he only positioning in order to avoid calls for his own resignation as Speaker?  Or do you think he's looking for a scapegoat?Read Full Story

How Republicans handle political scandal

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Dawn Turner Trice wrote an article about the differences between Republican and Democratic political scandals.  She argues that moralistic conservatives have shown so little empathy for the fallibility of others that it feels like they're getting what they deserve with the latest Mark Foley sex scandal and calls for Speaker Denny Hastert's resignation. She writes: In the days since the Mark Foley sex scandal broke, as we've been waiting to learn what House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill...Read Full Story

Help Hastert Hide the Perv

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Here is a link to a game to "Help Hastert Hide the Perv".  This was originally posted at the Admin Comments portal, here. Full Story

Did Dennis Hastert know about Foley's sexual misconduct 2 years ago?

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Kirk Fordham said that he notified House Speaker Dennis Hastert's office more than 2 years ago about possible inappropriate contact between former Representative Mark Foley and underage congressional pages.  Yet Hastert's spokesman Ron Bonjean told ABC News, "That never happened."Read Full Story

Boehner says scandal is Hastert's responsibility

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House Speaker Dennis Hastert is fighting for his political reputation and career.  An editorial by The Washington Times said Speaker Hastert, R-Illinois, should "do the only right thing and resign his speakership at once." House Majority Leader John Boehner said Denny Hastert should keep his job, but also acknowledged that the Foley sex scandal was Speaker Hastert's responsibility.  "My position is it's in his corner, it's his responsibility," Boehner, R-Ohio, told WLW radio in Cincinnati...Read Full Story

Speaker Dennis Hastert refuses to resign over Foley sex scandal

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House Speaker Dennis Hastert refused to resign because of the political scandal involving former Rep. Mark Foley and his sexually explicit instant messages.  The call for Hastert's resignation came in an editorial in the Washington Times.  "House Speaker Dennis Hastert must do the only right thing, and resign his speakership at once," the Washington Times editorial says.   "The Speaker has and will lead the Republican conference to another majority in the 110th Congress," Rep. Hastert's...Read Full Story