Actress Patricia Heaton speaks out for the Combating Autism Act

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Patricia Heaton stated her support for the Combating Autism Act and criticized Rep. Joe Barton in the process:    "There's a wonderful bill that was just passed unanimously in the Senate — Combating Autism Act. It's gone to the House. And even though it has a majority of support in the House, there is one representative, Joe Barton from Texas, who, unfortunately, is standing in the way of getting this bill passed."  Click here for her full statement.Read Full Story

Rep. Joe Barton wants family friendly versions of Hollywood movies

By Livingly Staff on covered the recent controversy over family-friendlty movie editting.  Representative Joe Barton is pushing for a legal solution to provide families with "clean" versions of popular Hollywood hits. Here is an excerpt from the article: A recent court ruling made it illegal for companies to edit the sex and violence out of movies and resell them, even though they’ve paid royalties to the studios. Congressman Joe Barton thinks that leaves parents out. “I believe technology...Read Full Story

Joe Barton spars with Patricia Dunn over phone records

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Patricia Dunn of HP sparred with Congressman Joe Barton recently. Joe Barton asked if Dunn would turn over her phone records.  "In your position, I would give you my phone records," she answered.  "Well, praise the lord," Rep. Barton replied. "I wouldn't give you mine."  Patricia then replied, "I hope that doesn't mean you have something to hide."  Nice zinger... Dunn 1 vs Barton 0Read Full Story