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Connie Talbot Celebrities Attending Ein Herz Fuer Kinder Gala in Berlin
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Where is Connie Talbot now?

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Connie Talbot is the 6 year old singing sensation that rocked this year's Britain's Got Talent. if you haven't heard her sing yet, check out some of the Connie Talbot videos here .But it's been a little while since we last heard from Connie. What's the deal???Show judge Piers Morgan called her: "pound for pound, inch for inch, the best 6-year-old singer in the world." Simon Cowwell told her: "I just adore you." Amanda Holden was brought to tears.So where is the huge Hollywood rollout? Where...Read Full Story

Britain's Got Talent and Connie Talbot

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It is amazing what Connie Talbot can do, at only 6 years old and with no front teeth. That girl can sing. Too bad she didn't win it, but we'll still see more of Connie Talbot. Maybe Simon's record label, Sony BMG, will sign her up. Good luck to Connie and her family. She did great.Read Full Story