21 Celebrity Memoirs with Ridiculous Puns for Titles

For most celebs, an autobiography is a chance to set the record straight, open up their lives to the world on their own terms. For others, it's an opportunity to be as clever as possible with a snappy, pun-centric title. Judging by these memoirs though, wordplay is best left to the pros.

Corey Feldman - Coreyography
(I mean, let's just get the winner out of the way first.)

Ron Jeremy — The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz
R. Kelly — Soulacoaster

Gene Simmons — Kiss and Make Up

David Hasselhoff — Making Waves

Destiny's Child — Soul Survivors

Miley Cyrus — Miles to Go
Davy Jones — They Made a Monkee Out of Me
Tori Spelling — sTori Telling
Lance Bass — Out of SYNC
Courtney Love — Dirty Blonde

Richard Pryor — Pryor Convictions

Traci Lords — Underneath It All
Boy George — Take It Like a Man
Chaz Bono — Transition

Steve Martin — Born Standing Up

Jack Lemmon — A Twist of Lemmon
Sandy "Pepa" Denton — Let's Talk About Pep

Russell Simmons — Life and Def

Arnold Schwarzenegger — Total Recall

Izabella St. James — Bunny Tales
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