One Direction and Other Artists Accused of Stealing People's Songs in 2013

By Alicia Dennis on
This week, Def Leppard announced that contrary to a story circulated on the Internet, they would not be taking legal action against UK boyband One Direction over their song "Midnight Memories," which sounds an awful lot like their own megahit "Pour Some Sugar on Me." "The chords are one-four-five," guitarist Vivian Campbell explained to Billboard. "Those are the blues. You don't get more basic than that ... [It's] very flattering that all of a sudden these kids think it's a cool sound. I...Read Full Story

It Sounds Like DJ Khaled Ripped Off Indie Duo Creep on His New Track 'Murcielago'

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(Getty Images) DJ Khaled just released his seventh studio album Suffering From Success last week, but fans of Brooklyn indie duo Creep will likely recognize one of his "new" tracks from three years ago."Murcielago (Doors Go Up)," a track featuring Birdman and Meek Mill, bears a striking resemblance to Creep's 2010 single "Days," a haunting electro-pop track featuring Romy xx on vocals. Listen first to the Creep track:Then listen to "Murcielago." Unfortunately, Creep did not clear the sample...Read Full Story

Nicki Minaj Holds Her Own in Two New Videos for DJ Khaled and Wale

By Lani Conway on
(World Star Hip Hop) Nicki Minaj is literally everywhere. This summer the Young Money rapper has lent her voice to tracks by Chris Brown, Ciara, and Nelly. Today, the "Super Bass" Barbie can be found doing her bad-ass thing in two brand new videos for DJ Khaled and Wale's latest tracks.In DJ Khaled's "I Wanna Be With You," the former American Idol judge holds her own as she spouts off rapid-fire rhymes on a swank white chair. Wale's "Clappers," on the other hand, showcases Minaj's looser...Read Full Story

Nicki Minaj Is Spotted Wearing an Engagement Ring — Does This Mean She's Accepted DJ Khaled's Proposal?

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(Bauer Griffin)Last week, producer and rapper DJ Khaled shocked fans when he proposed to his frequent collaborator Nicki Minaj on MTV, offering her a gigantic engagement ring (worth around $500,000, according to the Interwebs) and explaining he thought they'd be perfect for each other because "we got the same symptoms, we both suffer from success."Many assumed it was a joke — or even a publicity stunt (shocker!) — but Khaled managed to pull off a surprising level of sincerity, leaving fans...Read Full Story

DJ Khaled Proposes to Nicki Minaj Live on MTV UK, Offers Massive Engagement Ring

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Nicki Minaj has probably weathered a handful of out-of-nowhere proposals by this point, given her popularity with the dudes, but none will compare to the hilariously heartfelt invitation to wedded bliss offered by DJ Khaled on MTV UK this week."Nicki Minaj, I'm at MTV, I wanna be honest with you, I love you, I like you, I want you, I want you to be mine," Khaled opens, before explaining, "The only reason I'm not telling you this face to face is because I understand that you're busy."He goes...Read Full Story

DJ Khaled, Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne Voyage to 1996 in the 'No New Friends' Video

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The music video for DJ Khaled's new single "No New Friends" is rather incomprehensibly set in May 1996, although unfortunately it does not present collaborators Drake, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross as they looked back in the Clinton era. Drake, for instance, would have been 10 years old.(Tumblr) That doesn't look like a kid who pops bottles in a bathtub.Read Full Story