Do you think Dale Earnhardt Jr's relationship with Elizabeth Peschock is more serious than he let's on?
Yes, he's in love with Elizabeth Peschock and just trying to shield her from the press
Is Dale Earnhardt Jr. overrated?
Yes, he's a chump with good marketing
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Why Dale Earnhardt Jr isn't married

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He was asked this question in an interview a while back, and here was his response;Q. Why aren't you married?A. In his words: "I don't really know why I'm not married ... guess I haven't run into too many winners. I've thought ... I mean I'd love to be married and I'd love to have a son running around here getting into trouble, but it hasn't worked out yet."Read Full Story

Dale Earnhardt Jr and Kelly Clarkson?

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http://farm1.static.flickr.com/158/386891513_36c45dd733_o.jpg According to this, the NASCAR marketing department is hoping that Dale and Kelly Clarkson will hit it off and become a tabloid couple. NASCAR knows that a high profile celebrity couple can get people reading stories and watching TV. But would they really make a great couple? Beats me, but it doesn't seem likely that NASCAR attention now is going to help.Read Full Story
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