Dane Cook seen outside the Laugh Factory

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Reporter Josh Levine was in Hollywood last night and got a few words of warning from comedian Dane Cook outside of the Laugh Factory.  "I'm going to steal your camera one of these days," Dane Cook joked. "I'm going to steal it and run away with it." Dane then predicted how the media would react. "Cut to me puking in a bush ... green screen."   The guy is pretty funny. reported the story.Read Full Story

Dane Cook Vicious Circle now available on DVD

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Linked from --- Check it out...40 minutes of new material..Read Full Story

Dane Cook - Some comics resent the ascent

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Fascinating article about Dane Cook’s speedy ascent to the top of stand-up comedy, and the brewing resentment against him from other comedians.  Some claim Dane is more of a performer than a joke-teller, and that he actually borrows some of his quotes from prior comedians (a claim which Cook denies).  I actually think Dane is getting a bum rap.  He may not be at the level of a Richard Pryor or Robin Williams.  But you’d have to admit that at least his “performance” is pretty original.  And...Read Full Story