Watch: Seth Rogen & Friends Make 'This Is the End' + 'Real World' Parody Mashup

While This Is the End is being billed as a comedy about the apocalypse, it's really about what goes down when bunch of people are forced to live in close quarters together, much like the premise of The Real World where disputes over food, hygiene, hooking up, and social politicking are an everyday occurrence. So, naturally, Seth Rogen and his pals decided to parody the long-running MTV reality show as part of the This Is the End hype machine, even recruiting a pair of actual Real World: Portland cast members for the spoof.

Highlights include Danny McBride's free-form urination, Jay Baruchel's revenge scheme for James Franco, and, of course, Franco carefully adjusting Rogen's rogue testicle as if it was the same as brushing a bug away from him or telling him he had a piece of food in his teeth.
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