Everything You Need To Know About 'A Star Is Born' Before The Musical Hits Theaters

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Bradley Cooper's directorial debut has been years in the making. Read Full Story

Dave Chappelle Says the Harassment Allegations Against Louis C.K. Made Him Laugh... He Was the Only One

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During his new Netflix special, the legendary comedian ruffled some feathers by making light of C.K.'s sexual misconduct.Read Full Story

What the What? Dave Chappelle to Join Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper in 'A Star Is Born' Remake

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Unexpected, but very cool.Read Full Story

Dave Chappelle Pays Homage to Prince During San Francisco Show, Says 'It's Better to Grieve Together'

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Chappelle is the most recent star to remember the late Prince during a performance.Read Full Story

Dave Chappelle Wanted to Pull a 'Reverse Kramer' on the 'Evil' Hartford Crowd Who Heckled Him

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(Comedy Central) David Chappelle stunned audiences last week in Hartford, Conn. when he stormed off the stage halfway through his Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival set because, presumably, he was angered by all the hecklers and drunks ruining his performance. The funnyman hadn't commented on the incident and the rumors surrounding his sudden walk-off (Drugs? Meltdown? Couldn't stand the noise and heckling?), that is until now. The comedian took the stage in Chicago on Tuesday to lash out at...Read Full Story

Let's Analyze Why Dave Chappelle Walked Off Stage Last Night

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Dave Chappelle's picture on the poster for the Funny Or Die Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival. (From Chappelle has a notoriously mercurial relationship with his audience. In the years since walking away from his $50 million Chappelle's Show contract with Comedy Central he's returned to stand-up comedy in brief spurts and has yet to produce a new special. He recently joined Funny Or Die's Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival with the likes of Demetri Martin and Flight of...Read Full Story

Prince's Newest Single Cover Could Not Be More Awesome

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We'd forgive you if you were skeptical of Prince's sense of humor. As a serious, longtime musician and someone who once wanted to be addressed as a symbol rather than a name, it didn't always seem like a guy who liked to laugh at himself. But all that's changed with one glorious piece of album art and song title. This is Prince's new single:Yes, that's Dave Chappelle as Prince holding a plate of pancakes for a song called "Breakfast Can Wait."Prince unveiled the homage of an homage cover art...Read Full Story

Dave Chapelle and Chris Rock Headlined a Super Secret Show Last Night and Questlove Took Pictures

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On Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock surprised the denizens of New York's Comedy Cellar by doing an hour of unplanned stand-up together sometime after midnight. The two must have enjoyed working together because on Wednesday night they were back at the Comedy Cellar doing more material together, but this time with Bill Bellamy, Kevin Hart, Marlon Wayans, and Questlove. It was all apparently kind of amazing, and Questlove was good enough to document the whole thing...Read Full Story

Dave Chappelle Misses Out on Comedy Endurance Record Because He Has to Pee

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Photo AgencyDave Chappelle took the stage at the Laugh Factory on Sunday, vying to set the comedy club's endurance record for standup comedy. Said club owner Jamie Masada, "There are only two rules. You have to continuously tell jokes that are funny and you can't leave the stage, even to go to the bathroom." As usual, Chappelle pulled off the first part of that without a hitch. But then, nature called. According to the Associated Press, after five hours of standup, Dave had to go use the...Read Full Story

Dave Chappelle Underestimates Appeal of Free Dave Chappelle Show

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(Photo by Photo Agency | Inset from YouTube)Word got around Wednesday night via text message and Twitter that comedian Dave Chappelle would perform for free in downtown Portland, but apparently Chappelle underestimated his own popularity.Instead of the 200 or so Chappelle says he expected, the AP reports that thousands showed up expecting to see a rare show from the reclusive comedian. Together with a small cast of helpers and an amplifier that turned out to be way too small, at about 1 a.m...Read Full Story