A Dave Matthew Band Fail Turns into One Fan's Big Win

(Photo: Getty Images)

Dave Matthews with Emily Kraus
Whether coincidence or some kind of karmic payoff, Emily Kraus was rewarded this weekend with one of the best "right place, right time" stories ever.

It started on the way to a Dave Matthews Band show in Hershey, PA, when Kraus and her boyfriend passed a man on the side of the road who looked like he was having some bike trouble. Being a good Samaritan, she pulled over to help the stranded cyclist, only to discover the guy was freaking Dave Matthews himself.

Turns out Dave went for an afternoon ride sans cell phone, so when his bike tire popped he was out of luck until Kraus kindly gave him a ride to the venue (after all, it was on the way). Grateful, Matthews upgraded Kraus' night with dinner, a visit backstage, and front-row seats to the show. Goes to  show sometimes the universe really does have your back.
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