David Copperfield's Plane Scare Draws Magical Powers Into Question

David Copperfield Launches His Australian Tour In SydneyDavid Copperfield, renowned for his ability to make national monuments disappear, walk through solid objects viewable from outer space, and (most importantly) fly, maybe isn't quite as powerful a magic user as we've been led to believe. He appeared on the Today show this morning via Skype after his flight had to make an emergency landing in Peoria, Illinois. And he admitted to being "freaked out" by the sound the plane was making before the landing.

At the time he tweeted (we assume via a telepathic mind-link, or maybe an iPhone... a magical iPhone), "Everyone is ok. Emergency landing in Peoria, Illinois. So scary." But what's there to be afraid of when all signs indicate you may very well not be a mortal human being? Maybe he was simply afraid for his fellow passengers, or maybe he's not so magic after all!

In a demonstration of his continuing magical powers, he made a video in a nearby hangar where he materialized an aircraft marshal out of thin air, so this round goes to you, Copperfield.

...And in all seriousness, it does sound scary, and we're glad everyone landed safely. Here's the Today show video.

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