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David O. Russell Friars Foundation Gala
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David O. Russell Ghetto Film School 10th Annual Spring Benefit
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David O. Russell Ghetto Film School 10th Annual Spring Benefit — Part 2
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How Jennifer Lawrence Could Win Another Oscar for 'American Hustle'

By JJ Duncan on
(Sony Pictures)Jennifer Lawrence is the best thing about an already great movie in American Hustle. David O. Russell's story about a con artist (Christian Bale) roped into a hare-brained FBI sting operation is one of those clockwork stories where everything fits together juuuussst right — until Lawrence swaggers in with her sun-burned face, and floozy dress and throws the whole thing into chaos. As Bale's wife, Lawrence wreaks havoc. She's not happy about being left at home while he runs...Read Full Story

Watch the New 'American Hustle' Trailer: 'We Gotta Get Over on All These Guys'

By JJ Duncan on
(From Sony Pictures)The American Hustle cast has never looked better than in those piles of '70s hair we've been staring at since the movie's first images went online. The new trailer satisfies the deep longing we've had to see just how round Christian Bale made his belly for the movie. Also, Amy Adams calls his combover "elaborate" which is hilariously polite. By the way, if you're like us and you've been looking at the hair and costumes too much to actually pay attention to what the movie...Read Full Story

Amy Adams, Christian Bale, and Bradley Cooper Have Awesome Hair in the First 'American Hustle' Photos

By Lani Conway on
(Columbia Pictures)Before we talk about David O. Russell's upcoming crime drama American Hustle, let's talk about the hair in the film because there's lots and lots of it. Columbia Pictures has just released two of the film's first official photos and it would seem that the 70s suits and dresses are just as awesome and epic as the comb-overs and perms themselves. In American Hustle, Christian Bale plays a financial con artist and Amy Adams, his partner in crime/mistress. The duo team up with...Read Full Story

Jennifer Lawrence Is Doing Another Movie with David O. Russell

By JJ Duncan on
Everyone except maybe Jessica Chastain (or maybe especially Jessica Chastain) knows Jennifer Lawrence is about to win an Oscar. So why not get back together with the director who put her in the race? David O. Russell has cast her for The Ends of the Earth, a movie that will also reunite him with the Silver Linings Playbook producers at the Weinstein Company.We don't know much about The Ends of the Earth yet. The Hollywood Reporter describes it as, "a fact-based love story about a powerful oil...Read Full Story

Top 7 Snubs & Surprises from the 2013 Oscar Nominations

By JJ Duncan on
From left: Quvenzhane Wallis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Ben Affleck. (Getty Images)Anyone up early enough to watch today's Oscar nominations could tell by some of the reactions in the audience (especially during the Best Director category) that this year's field included some big surprises. Check out the seven bullet points that raised our eyebrows below.1. Joaquin Gets a Nod (Whether He Likes It Or Not)Joaquin Phoenix ruffled feathers in the Academy when he called the awards race...Read Full Story
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