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Diplo 61st Annual Grammy Awards - Congressional Briefings
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Diplo 61st Annual Grammy Awards - Grammy Premiere Ceremony
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Diplo 61st Annual Grammy Awards - Red Carpet
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Katy Perry Dating: Info on Her Rumored Boyfriend, Diplo

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They're been linked over the last few months. Read Full Story

Diplo Is on a Mission to Set a World Twerking Record

By Alicia Dennis on
A few weeks ago, Darren Criss and Lucy Hale attempted to end the Teen Choice Awards on a high note by encouraging the audience to twerk en masse, claiming that they'd be able to set a world record with everyone's participation. But they were playing to the wrong audience — a sizeable group of preteens just hoping to catch a glimpse of One Direction — and this is what happened.Parents were mortified. Viewers suffered secondhand embarrassment.But now butt-friendly producer Diplo is setting out...Read Full Story

Beyonce's Rep Clarifies a Few Things About Those Album Delay Rumors

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(Beyonce.com) Beyonce's much anticipated follow-up to 2011's 4 was supposed to hit the shelves this Spring, says the Internet, but according to a story in The Hollywood Reporter, the release is officially "months behind schedule." That simply isn't true, a rep from Beyonce's camp recently revealed to the Huffington Post, Why? Because an official release date had never been set.According to the rep, Queen Bey is actually still recording music while on her Mrs. Carter World Tour, and an...Read Full Story

So... How Does Your Mom Feel About Twerking?

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(VEVO)Last week, I accidentally introduced my mother to the concept of twerking.It all started when a friend texted me about Shane Dawson's brilliant and blistering Miley Cyrus parody. Being totally technology proficient, I accidentally sent my responses to my mother.But then, of course, mom wanted to know what I was talking about. When I asked her if she'd seen the new Miley Cyrus video, she took a few minutes before responding:Of all the myriad images and behaviors touched on so lovingly in...Read Full Story

Daft Punk 'Get Lucky' Condoms Actually Exist, for Real

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(Instagram)Daft Punk if having a moment, and Durex is here to help them capitalize on it.This week, music producer and artist Diplo revealed in one of his typically pervy Instagram posts that the French disco duo has collaborated with the popular prophylactic company to create branded "Get Lucky" condoms. Apparently Durex has been sending free samples to top DJs (a brilliant idea if there ever was one).Daft Punk isn't the first band to score its own branded condom. Ke$ha teamed up with...Read Full Story