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Dominic Moore Toronto Maple Leafs v Colorado Avalanche
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Dominic Moore Toronto Maple Leafs v New York Rangers
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Dominic Moore Carolina Hurricanes v Toronto Maple Leafs
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Possibly the Best NHL Breakaway, Ever

By Tatiana Guertin on
Usually in hockey, it's a huge disappointment when your stick shatters on a breakaway. Honestly, how are you supposed to score with no stick? Most players just quit. Unless of course you're Dominic Moore of the Toronto Maple Leafs, who's either:Awesome at soccerFreakishly coordinatedJust a serious badassEither way, Moore pulled an awesome move Saturday as the Leafs took on Vancouver. As his stick broke, Moore tossed it aside, then juggled the puck between his feet before passing it to Jason...Read Full Story
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