7 Things Every 'Shaun of the Dead' Fan Should Know About

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Paul Rudd Is Playing Ant-Man: So Who Is Ant-Man?

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(From Marvel | Getty)It's official: Paul Rudd is Ant-Man! But who is Ant-Man? Well, if you haven't been following the news around Marvel's newest and potentially strangest new property, let's break it down.1. Ant-Man Is a Super ScientiestAs superhero origin stories are wont to do, this one starts with a scientist dabbling with technology he doesn't yet fully understand. Dr. Henry "Hank" Pym discovers a new kind of particle, and quickly dubs them "Pym particles." These things enable him to...Read Full Story

Either Paul Rudd or Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Likely Play Ant-Man

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(Getty Images)Marvel has had massive success with its jam-packed stable of high-profile heroes over the past few years, but its next hero is a little less well-known, and a little sillier than we've seen onscreen so far. Ant-Man, in the hands of Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, The World's End), is rumored to be at least in part a comedy, or at least moreso than, say, The Avengers, and now Variety reports the race for the lead role has come down to two everyman type leads: Paul Rudd and...Read Full Story

Listen to Simon Pegg's Personal Goth Playlist for 'The World's End'

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(From Merciful | Focus Features | Getty Images)The World's End is filled with references to goth music. Simon Pegg's character, Gary King, loves the Sisters of Mercy so much he has the band's logo tattooed on his chest. For a certain kind of movie fan it is enormously fulfilling to see their love of this often derided musical genre, which peaked somewhere around 1989, embraced so unabashedly.We had a chance to speak with Pegg, and his World's End cohorts, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright, about...Read Full Story

Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright Talk 'The World's End,' Goth Music, 'Star Wars,' and Man-Love

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Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, and Nick Frost. (Getty Images)The World's End is the third movie in what's come to be known among fans as The Cornetto Trilogy, a series of movies that tackle classic genres for big laughs. Shaun of the Dead, the first in the trilogy, hit theaters in 2004 and lampooned the well-worn tropes of zombie movies. It also launched the careers of Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, and Nick Frost. As a writing team, Wright and Pegg were clearly onto something, so they worked together...Read Full Story

Anna Kendrick and Director Boyfriend Split After Four Years

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Twilight star Anna Kendrick is back on the market after ending her four-year relationship with Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright. A source (via Us Weekly) claims they split "a little while ago.""She's single," reported the insider.The two apparently started dating after meeting on the set of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and have kept their romance low-profile over the last few years. After all, Mr. Wright was never at all those Twilight premieres! Anyway, it sounds like Kendrick is doing...Read Full Story