From left to right: Angelina Jolie's back tattoo; Brandy's foot tattoo; Lady Gaga's arm tattoo; Adriana Lima's foot tattoo; Scarlett Johansson's arm tattoo. (Getty Images)

Celebrities are just as prone as anyone to pick up some ink. Some of it is easy to see, and some of it is usually hidden. While Angelina Jolie's coordinate tattoos have become a red carpet staple, have you seen the bengal tiger on her back? Check out more of these famous tats with some of the stories behind them. MORE

Elephant Tattoo Designs and More Tattoos

By JJ Duncan on
Elephant tattoo designs are among the most popular animal tattoos. The largest land mammal on planet Earth, elephants often inspire some impressive tat designs, including many tributes to the Hindu god Ganesh.While elephant tattoos are among the most popular in any tattoo parlor, be sure to check out all the options. Placement, artist, style, and meaning can all vastly affect whether or not someone is happy with his or her tattoo.Looking for more tattoo inspiration? You could do worse than...Read Full Story
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