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Elisabetta Canalis Elisabetta Canalis Shops In Beverly Hills
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Elisabetta Canalis NowWith Presented By Yahoo Lifestyle In Partnership With Working Sundays Series With Nicole Richie's Honey Minx Collection Reveal
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Elisabetta Canalis Rolls Royce X Technogym At The Home Of Gunnar Peterson
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Will George Clooney Bring His New Gorgeous Gal to the Oscars?

By Deena Bustillo on
Getty ImagesFact: George Clooney has no problem snagging hot dates — even though he's 52 and his "salt and pepper" 'do is pretty much all salt at this point. Don't matter. The guy is a legendary ladies' man and probably always will be.But since breaking up with Stacy Keibler last summer, he's been dating on the down-low. The star has been linked to several women over the last few months but has yet to take any of these romances public — at least in front of the cameras. But could that all...Read Full Story

George Clooney's Impressive Roster of Ex-Girlfriends

By Darrick Thomas on
George Clooney is Hollywood's posterboy for perennial bachelorhood. After divorcing from actress Talia Balsam back in 1993, Clooney's adopted a very strict "no marriage" policy, and his string of flings over the course of the last two decades has done nothing to suggest his stance will change. From co-stars to models to waitresses to WWE wrestlers to Oscar winners, Clooney's dating history is one for the ages. (There's even some overlap, because of course.)See for yourself with a tour through...Read Full Story

And Just Like That, George Clooney Insults All of His Ex-Girlfriends

By Deena Bustillo on
Getty ImagesGeorge Clooney is a man of few words when it comes to his love life, but he used just five and managed to insult every single one of his exes. At one time. Impressive, right?How'd he do it? Well, when the 52-year-old was asked in a recent interview about the love of his life, he simply had this to say: "I haven't met her yet." Okay, so maybe he didn't actually mean to royally diss any of the lovely ladies who've been on his arm over the last few decades. However, his girlfriends...Read Full Story

Which Celeb Got a Haircut on the Streets of Milan?

By Alicia Dennis on
(PacificCoastNews)The paparazzi in Milan, Italy, got a special treat this week when a leggy television personality chose to change up her look — on the sidewalk, in full view of passersby. Any guesses who was feeling adventurous? Here's a hint: She likes tribal tattoos.The lovely lady getting the chop was George Clooney's ex-flame, Elisabetta Canalis! These days, the former MTV VJ is a spokesmodel for Pantene, which might explain the hair stunt.See more pictures of Elisabetta Canalis:Read Full Story

Elisabetta Canalis Mocks the Dictator's Package

By Darrick Thomas on
Say what you will about Sacha Baron Cohen, but there's no arguing the man has a way with self promotion and creative marketing tactics. After spilling Kim Jong-il's fake ashes on Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars and threatening Matt Lauer's family on the Today show, Cohen's Dictator alter-ego returned to invade the Canne film festival.As The Dictator's General Aladeen, Cohen arrived in a posh yacht, accompanied by George Clooney's former flame, Italian model Elisabetta Canalis. Cohen and a bikini...Read Full Story