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Elizabeth Warren Senators Debate Health Care Bill On Capitol Hill
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Elizabeth Warren Senators On Capitol Hill Debate GOP Healthcare Bill
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Elizabeth Warren Senate Democrats Hold Rally to Oppose GOP's Obamacare Repeal Efforts
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Ron Wyden, Debbie Stabenow 

Elizabeth Warren Pictures

By Livingly Staff on
Elizabeth Brown is running for Senate in Massachusettes.  She announced her candidacy on September 14th.  Warren is already a front runner for the Democratic nomination to oppose Republican Scott Brown.We've collected a few photographs of Elizabeth Brown below. If you're looking for additional background info about Elizabeth Warren and her candidacy, we recommend Wikipedia.  Here's a brief synopsis: Elizabeth Warren is an American attorney, law professor, and United States Senate candidate...Read Full Story

Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren Deflects Scott Brown's Jab at Her Looks

By Darrick Thomas on
The Senate race in Massachusetts is starting to get a little dirty. Candidate (and recent special advisor to President Obama) Elizabeth Warren found that out after Republican incumbent Scott Brown took a potshot at Warren's appearance. However, Brown's jab wasn't exactly unprovoked. In a recent Democratic debate where Warren was asked how she paid for her college education, she responded, "Well, I didn't take my clothes off," a clear reference to  the fact that Brown once posed nude for...Read Full Story
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