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Emily Browning 2015 Toronto International Film Festival - 'Legend' Press Conference
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Emily Browning Picture Emily Browning Picture Emily Browning Picture
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Tom Hardy, Brian Helgeland 
Emily Browning 2015 Toronto International Film Festival - 'Legend' Premiere - Arrivals
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Emily Browning An Alternative View of the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival
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5 Controversial Movies on Netflix You Should Watch at Your Own Risk

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'God Help the Girl' Looks Like How Belle and Sebastian Sounds

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'Pompeii' Blows, Sends Unintentional Comedy Flying Everywhere

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(L-R) Emily Browning and Kit Harington in Pompeii. (Photo by Tri-Star) Long story short: Lazy writing and storytelling doom any emotional connection to Pompeii, but the volcano does erupt, if that's your thing.Pompeii will remind you of: Gladiator, Braveheart, Dante's Peak, Volcano, 2012 Review: Unbearably lazy during its first half, Pompeii¬†eventually¬†erupts, along with Vesuvius, morphing from a contrived gladiator movie into a contrived disaster movie. It begins lazily by introducing a hero...Read Full Story

Sleeping Beauty Released Online Before Theaters

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In a trend we can only hope becomes common practice, Sundance Selects (in other words, IFC Films) has released its erotic thriller/drama Sleeping Beauty online, weeks ahead of the December 2, 2011 theatrical release date. This is great news for rabid movie buffs who must see everything as soon as it's out as well as weird shut-ins who hate crowds and/or leaving their homes. You can likely find it through your cable's video on demand feature or watch it online for ten bucks at SundanceNow.com...Read Full Story

Emily Browning: 'Sleeping Beauty' Panned at Cannes Film Festival (Pictures)

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Emily Browning posed coyly for the camera at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday, after a tough screening of her upcoming film Sleeping Beauty. The Australian actress's cartoon-adapted film got pretty much panned, which in Cannes' fashion translates to congregated "Boos" and viewers walking out of the theatre. Which was exactly what happened while Woody Allen's hyped up (and well-received) film Midnight in Paris played at a much larger theatre next door. Emily plays Lucy, a driven university...Read Full Story
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